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What is Mircoblading?

Mircoblading, was originally known as soft tap and is the hand held method. It is fast becoming the treatment of choice for eyebrows due to its natural looking results.

Your chosen colour pigment is deposited into the skin, with a fine channel of needles. Following your natural brow, once healed the pigment lays under the surface of the skin, creating a fuller natural brow.


How long will it last?


The pigment isn't place as deep in the skin as coventional tattoo, which means our bodies will break it down quicker. The pigments and ink change through environment over time, therefore we aim to allow the pigment to naturally fade over 6-18 months, this varies hugely from person to person depending on skin type and lifestyle. This is why the colour boost is advised.


Does it hurt?


Anaesthetic is used throughout the procedure to keep pain to a minimum, we all have different pain threshold and at worse it's just slightly uncomfortable and for others it can be relaxing.


How long is the procedure?


You need a patch test 24 hours at least before the apppoitment and a consultation, On the day including numbing the process should take 1:30 - 2 hours and at the 6 week top up approx 1:30.


Why do I need a top up?


The treatment is a 2 part procedure, after the first appoiment your brows will look perfect but after the healing process some of the strokes can fade more than others, depending on skin type and how you have cared for them. Therefore a second coat is required to leave them looking semi-permanently perfect! It's like applying paint to a freshly plastered wall, the first coat my fade but the second coat gives the lasting effects.




There is a healing process and it can take between 4-6 weeks to see the final results.

Day 1 : Love them

Days 2-5 : They look too dark! 

Days 5-10: They are flaking off.

Days 10-15: They are gone.

Days 15-30: pops, they are back!

Day: a top up, wow, perfect!





Please follow this aftercare 10 days after the procedure. Every hour after the procesdure, use a wet cotton pad to go over each brow. The following morning apply the vitatim cream given once in the morning and once in the evening.

It is normal to experience, flaking, dryness itching, swelling and redness, this will pass.




Don’t touch, pick or peel the brows this will leave patchy colour, avoid make up on the brows until they have healed then a pencil will be fine to use. No sauna or steam room for 2 weeks, no sun beds until healed, no waxing threading, or plucking for a week, no swimming sports for 24 hours, and always use sunscreen.




Treatment Retouch


The treatment is a 2 part treatment and the second procedure will be done 4-6 weeks after the 1st to allow healing.


Long Term Care


In order to keep your brows in perfect condition it's best to have them re-done in 12 months, this is at half the price.

Always put on a good uv sunscreen, and be careful with creams containing fruit acids as this will fade the pigments.


Thank you for choosing GMcosmeticaesthetic!