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Plasma Pen

Plasma Pen

One of the fastest growing trends in the beauty industry is the Plasma Treatment. This treatment is being increasingly popular amongst those who are eager to life the years away and invest in non- surgical procedures that will change the way we approach anti-aging. Plasma is a real life non surgical alternative to a facelift.


Here is the science behind it!


Plama is an ionised gas composed of ions and electrons, which create the separatation of electrons from the electron shell of gas atoms or molecule rupture (ionisation). ionise gases in the air to create small electrical arc, similar to a thiny lightning bolt. This stimulates instant contraction and tightening of the skin fibres.



The benefits of plasma pen.


Tightens skin

Lessens strophic scares

Eye bag, Eyelid correction

Facelift, necklift

Smooths lines and wrinkles

Skin tag, mole removal

Lessons pigmentation and age spots





An anaesthetic cream is applied to the treatment area to avoid discomfort. On a pain scale plasma pen treatment can reach 6 out of 10, but the results far outweigh the discomfort.




A tiny plasma plume goes into the skin then evaporates, the hand held tool is held 1-2 mm away from the skin. Each plume leaves a tiny brown mark. Working in grids to correct the area of concern. Depending on size and severity procedure takes around 45 minutes.




After the treatment the skin goes though a natural regeneration process. This starts by stimulating the fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastins. You will be pleased to know results are instant! Allowing 6 weeks to let the skin heal, the finial results will then be visible. There may be some swelling, but this will only last a few days.


The wonderful thing about plasma pen is the results can last 2-3 years!


Tip for best results!



 Don’t Pick the scabs they will heel much quicker.


Cool pack or antihistamine works great to reduce swelling!


Keep area clean and dry


Let air get to it, it will heal quicker.


If this sounds like the treatment you have been looking for, get ahead of the crowd and call the clinic on 07901337227